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 An up and coming trend with many brides and grooms is a “green wedding”. The idea behind green weddings is to decrease the environmental impact that the event will have on the planet. Brides and grooms can make decisions in their wedding planning process that can make their wedding green without sacrificing elegance or fun! has many tips to help couples make earth-conscious decisions while planning their big day!

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Read below some facts from Green Bride Guide’s website regarding a green wedding:

Transportation The EPA estimates that cars, trucks, and buses are the leading producers of air pollution, yet about 75% of couples travel to and from their wedding in a limousine. Holding your ceremony and reception at the same venue, or close by one another is one way to limit travel for your guests. If possible, make this a centralized location so that most of your friends and family will not have to travel far. Carpooling, renting an alternative energy bus or trolley, or talking public transit if available will not only make things easier for your guests, but it will also get them to and from your celebration while minimizing emissions.

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Favors for all your guests can cost you hundreds of dollars, and often wedding favors are small trinkets destined for the trash can. Making a small donation for each guest to a cause that is important to you is a thoughtful alternative to a tangible, potentially wasteful favor. If you are set on giving a small gift, there are tons of non-wasteful favor ideas like edibles, small potted plants, seedlings or soy candles that will echo the values behind your wedding.


Throughout the wedding planning cycle, paper is used for save-the-dates, invitations, RSVP cards, seating programs, menu cards, seating cards, thank you cards, and more. Traditional papermaking is an energy-intensive process that creates a large amount of waste and uses harsh chemicals such as bleach. Recycled and post-consumer waste paper, tree-free paper, soy inks, and digital correspondence options all offer beautiful and elegant ways to reduce resource consumption. Many modern couples are finding ways to simply cut down the use of paper in their invitation suites. Instead of including separate papers for reception cards and maps and directions to the wedding, house all pertinent information on a wedding website. A number of chic invitation companies are now creating one-page invitations with a detachable response card. Most couples find the middle ground that best suits their style and their guests’ needs.” Green Bride Guide FAQ

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