6 Must-Have Cocktails for Your Wedding in Miami

Of all the cities in all the world, you better have cocktails ready for your guests in Miami. Selecting the right cocktails that fit your menu and budget can be a dizzying task, with endless options. 

For those lost in the beginning stages of wedding planning, here’s a list of some of our favorites for any big event or wedding, courtesy of the Miami event catering experts at Eggwhites Catering.

Cuba Libre

Spanish for “Free Cuba,” the Cuba Libre is a classic must-have for any South Florida wedding. The Cuba Libre combines the heavy sugar of coke with the spicy kick of rum.

Pair with: Ceviche, crab, jalapeno  


Given Cuba’s proximity to South Florida, the Caribbean island has always had a major cultural influence, particularly as far as drinks go. Unbeknownst to many, the Mojito is a Cuban-born cocktail. Renowned for its crisp, tropically inspired flavor, this minty, herb-filled concoction is the perfect summer-time (or anytime) drink to bathe your palette in mint and refreshment.

Pair with: seafood, fish, shrimp

Craft Beers

While not a cocktail, craft beers have become quite popular at South Florida Weddings emerging from a burgeoning and successful industry with many unique, experimental flavors coming out by the day. With the microbrewery scene in South Florida, you should take advantage of the bounty that it has to offer.

Pair with: Anything! It depends on the flavor. Ask our Miami special events catering experts for more precise pairings 

catering services for weddingsBloody Mary

Satiating and delicious. This cocktail can be a great alternative to the sweeter-laden fare that you may expect out of a more “traditional” wedding drink. Plus, it’s relatively low-calorie and non-carbonated, which may help prevent unfortunate bloating when you’re supposed to be dancing. Just don’t spill it on your wedding outfit!

Pair with: Meatballs, shrimp, chicken wings, celery/carrots, mozzarella sticks 

Gin Martini 

Simple and easy to make, this classic beverage will surely please a crowd. Try giving it an extra kick by adding a slice of lime or sprig of mint.

Pair with: Smoked salmon and other fish, shellfish, veggies, light sandwiches, charcuterie boards. 

Old Fashioned

A strong cocktail that delivers on flavor, this specialty drink takes skill to master. Your guests will be raving about the drinks all night long. 

Pairs with: Pork, poultry, waterfowl, nuts, desserts, strong fruits (e.g. figs)

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