Escort Card, Table Number and Wedding Seating Chart Ideas


There are countless ways to bring personality and create “wow” moments in a couple’s wedding celebration.  One way to achieve this is through your wedding seating chart displays, statement escort cards and creative table numbers.

While these elements are necessary to guide guests to their correct seats, with a little thought you can turn what seems like a small detail into a standout décor element. A unique statement escort card and wedding seating chart display is a high impact special detail. After cocktails and ceremony, guests move to the wedding reception space and the escort cards are the first thing your guests see. They are a great opportunity to set the tone for your reception, tell a little story or double as a gift as a fun take home favor.

Below are some of our favorite ideas from our very own wedding clients. Click through to our Real Weddings galleries to see how these statement pieces tie into our couples’ wedding themes.


Wedding table numbers are fundamental so they must be noticeable! Customizing wedding table numbers is a unique way to make your table décor special to you. Table “numbers” don’t need to actually be numbers. Customize the displays to be a nod to your heritage or locations that are meaningful to you.  You can turn to anything for inspiration.

The below examples range from elegant to fun and quirky. You will find inspiration in how you might name your tables. Or you may opt for a classic table number that is displayed in a unique way.


Show your wild side with a nature-inspired design for your wedding table numbers. Incorporate different types of greenery into the décor and put your table numbers on a wooden base or background. We love the reuse of vintage forks attached to birch wood at Wendy and Marc’s Deering Estate wedding.


Customized illustrated table numbers are basically a totally unique art piece that is highly personal to the couple. Etsy is a great resource for custom illustrated table numbers, wedding invitations and more.

Molly and Raj personalized their table numbers with locations that were special to them. Julia and Tim took it a step further. The groom actually illustrated the table numbers himself! Each table name was a location special to them, including “Guernsey”, the groom’s childhood home off the coast of Normandy.


Create floral-inspired wedding table numbers by incorporating the flowers used in your wedding on the table number card itself. You can print custom floral designs on paper cards. Use card holders that match the vases of your floral centerpieces.

For a real statement piece, incorporate your table numbers into the floral centerpieces themselves like Kristine and Manny did here!


Embrace your wedding’s theme, whether it be rustic, tropical, nautical or something else. Pineapples are a great way to punctuate your tropical theme décor.

Let wine bottles do double-duty as table numbers. Cover-weight paper printed with large, graphic numerals can be adhered over existing labels with double-sided tape for a clean, contemporary look. It is a clever touch that will have guests drinking to your good fortune -- and your good taste.


After you have decided on your seating arrangement, you need an easy-to-read display that your guests see the moment they enter the reception space. Your seating chart or seating display is a beautiful way to set the tone of your wedding for your guests.

Transform ordinary items like picture frames or a ladder bookshelf into an extraordinary seating chart display! A vintage mirror makes for a beautiful and functional seating chart. Its ornate detail makes it a major focal point. Individual frames for each table also make for a decorative display.

Utilize unusual materials to punctuate your theme. Escort cards line the bars of this old row boat at a nautical themed wedding. Transform old shutters by hanging twine across them and consider painting them with your wedding colors.

unique wedding seating chart ideas | vintage shutter
unique wedding seating chart ideas | row boat
unique wedding seating chart ideas | surf board

Escort card keys add a touch of romance and Old World charm to a vintage-inspired wedding theme. For a sweet take on the “be seated” memo, have guests pluck their escort card from a miniature clothesline display.

Give your seating chart a modern makeover with the use of acrylic.

unique wedding seating chart ideas | acrylic seating chart



The latest trend in escort cards is to choose something that can do double duty. Make your wedding day a little greener by attaching escort cards to wine glasses to double as a wine tag. This helps guests keep track of their wine glass and allows you to limit the amount of glassware they use. Explain why this is important to you on a bar sign.

Your escort card can also double as a small favor for each guest.  Choose an edible escort card holder to serve as a sweet treat for your guests. Small potted succulent plants are great escort card holders and a favorite take home gift.

statement escort cards | edible escort card holder
statement escort cards | edible escort card holder

A small token of your heritage is a very personal idea. This couple used tea bags as escort cards in honor of the groom’s British heritage. Are you an animal lover? Miniature gold animal escort card holders are a stunning statement piece!


Incorporate your wedding colors, flowers or theme into your wedding escort cards. Flower arrangements in small bud vases make for a striking escort card display. Iris and Alain used an Iris floral motif throughout their wedding and a small bud tied the table design together.

Are you planning a beach wedding? Sandboxes containing seashells or sand dollars perfectly tie into a nautical theme. A nautical themed wooden escort card holder is another way to tie into a beach wedding. Rocks or sea glass also make a remarkable display. Write each guest’s name in calligraphy on one side and their table number on the other.

unique seating chart ideas | sand dollars in sand box for beach wedding
statement escort cards | starfish for beach wedding
statement escort cards | river rock

The possibilities are endless when it comes to your table numbers, escort cards and seating chart displays. This is a great opportunity for you to think out of the box and get creative!

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Ann Jones writes for Eggwhites Special Event Catering, a Miami-based luxury catering company.



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