3 Top Corporate Event Trends for 2020

When hosting a corporate event, your goal is to impress your employees and clients. It’s important to stick out from the crowd, especially when you’re trying to make a good first impression, or, showcasing your products and services to trendsetters.

If you’re trying to close a big-time account, you’ll need to put on an event with an unforgettable backdrop and show-stopping food.

That’s why here at Eggwhites Catering, our corporate event planners put together this list of hot trends in the world of corporate event catering that is bound to make your next company party or industry convention appearance a huge success.

Creative Locations

Your employees and clients should be treated to something extraordinary. You can do this with a surprising and exciting event venue. Try scouting interesting, trendy, and hip places in your city for potential event venues spaces. Host an event in a location that’s important to you, or the history to your company, like a flagship store or historical landmark that bears some significance, for example.

As long as the event serves to be thoughtful and meaningful, the attendees will appreciate your choice and effort in making the event happen. If you’re at a loss, our corporate catering services experts can help you find just the place to leave a lasting impact. 

corporate event catering miamiVR Integration

With virtual reality/augmented reality technology advancing, it’s becoming increasingly present in our daily lives and workspaces. Now, while you may think of VR as a gimmicky tech with limited capacity in games, it has some extraordinary event activity and team-building potential, even as is, to help elevate any meeting or corporate special event.

Here are some examples of how you can utilize some of this tech during your next event:  

  • 3D, 360 presentations
  • The chance to have any sort of effects/setting you want
  • Demonstrate products without needing to provide samples 
  • Experiment with the “gamification” of certain features (e.g. being able to solve simple riddles to unravel certain features of what you’re demonstrating or a hint of what’s to come during your event).

Make It Be Fun

If your event is taking place over the course of a few days, it may be wise to allow your guests to unwind with some playtime. Office culture is becoming laxer by the day. That means that fun “bleisure” (a portmanteau of business and leisure) activities are becoming all the more common. Pay for your guests’ tour around the city or a nice team-building hike in a local nature preserve. 

Throw an Unforgettable Corporate Event with Eggwhites Catering

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