2020 Wedding Trends – Part 1

The arrival of a new year AND a new decade brings a flourish of creativity in modern wedding trends and wedding food trends. We talked a lot this past year about the emergence of alternative wedding trends that are more about creating an authentic, unique experience for your guests and less about the traditional wedding as we know it. We are thrilled to report that we have yet to reach our pinnacle as 2020’s biggest wedding trend is individuality. The modern wedding is no longer boxed into a single theme, color scheme or trend. Couples are cherry picking what they like to invent their own themes that reflect their unique love story. Raise a glass and read on to celebrate how our industry continues to evolve as couples toss out the rule book and redefine what a modern wedding looks like.

While 2019 trends like pampas grass, neon and neutrals and late night nibbles continue to grace our presence in 2020, we round up some of our new (and not-so-new) favorite wedding trends of the year. No matter what type of wedding you dream up, there is most certainly a 2020 wedding trend or two that will inspire you to do it your way.


From food waste to fresh cut flowers, most weddings aren’t an eco-friendly celebration. The idea behind an eco-friendly wedding is to decrease the environmental impact that the event will have on the planet. There are many wallet-friendly ways to make your wedding more sustainable.

Look for ways to up-cycle with eco-friendly wedding décor, wedding invitations and programs made from recycled paper and by donating your flowers and leftover food to a charitable organization after your event.

Find a catering company that will source ethical, local and organic ingredients. We are increasingly being asked to create “farm to table” menus that support local farmers and locally sourced products.

Instead of giving guests a small tchotchke that often gets left behind or tossed in a drawer and forgotten, thank your guests for celebrating with you by giving back to a charity that means something to you as a couple. You can also ask for a donation on your gift list alongside a traditional registry. Furthermore, you can link your The Knot wedding registry – with every purchase guests make, you’ll be doing some good.

Consider shopping at an online thrift store for the perfect gift to give your bridesmaids. Perhaps one of the most useful gifts is a comfy outfit to wear while your girl squad gets ready together. Stick to reliable brands that you know your girls will love like these comfy styles from Victoria’s Secret Pink.

For more ideas on making your wedding a little greener, read our blog post, https://eggwhitescatering.com/blog/going-green-eco-friendly-wedding-ideas/


The plant-based menu trend continues to make traction so caterers need to be more thoughtful about inclusivity when it comes to reception menu planning. Look for a caterer who offers creative vegan and vegetarian menus along with an ability to accommodate any special diet needs. Many clients are not necessarily living a vegan lifestyle, but they are just excited to try something new.


Do you remember the bland, run-of-the-mill cooking that people once associated with catered events? Flavors have gotten a serious update over time. We are very focused on the mosaic of flavors our menus offer and we are pleased with the demand for menus that feature a robust and slightly exotic taste. Our clients are currently drawn to such bold flavors as Afro-Caribbean, Middle Eastern and North African for starters. Food and beverage menus, too, have become much more unique and personal, showcasing food that highlights a couple’s heritage or a place that is important to them as a couple.


Florals are going beyond the bouquet this year. Tossing edible blooms into salads is nothing new for us. As couples seek out more natural elements for their weddings, it comes as no surprise that edible flowers are being frozen in ice cubes, infused in water, and incorporated into everything from wedding cake to cookies and cocktails.


The humble spread has been given a modern makeover and now grazing tables are elevating wedding cocktail hours everywhere. Magnificent showstopping presentations are piled high with a bounty of cheeses, meats, fruit and nuts. Not only does it look great but it instantly engages guests and brings people together.

There are endless ways to style your grazing table – set it on wine barrels or wooden boards or incorporate right into your table top decor. Add some greenery or lavish linens to make your table look even more abundant and luscious. Give your table some tropical flair with palm frond accents and pineapple centerpieces.

‘Amazing Grazing’ has moved beyond the cocktail hour as sharing style dinner menus continue to grow in popularity. A good 25% of the wedding proposals we write include a family style dinner menu. A family style dinner menu refers to shared platters of food that are placed down the middle of the table, along with serving utensils for each dish. These menus are easily adapted to suit any couple’s tastes and budget. Family-style meals are casually elegant, making this style perfect for almost any style of wedding. There is a social aspect to a family style dinner – passing plates is a great ice breaker as it creates a way to start a flow of comfortable conversation.

Cheese boards are also making an appearance later in the evening to supplement or even replace the wedding cake course. A mix of sweet and savory options make for a great late-night treat.

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Wedding cakes have evolved into towering works of art covered in anything from edible flowers to dripped icing, brush strokes to gin flavoring. BrushStroke wedding cakes, also known as “shard cakes” are an artistic and beautiful trend. These unique creations are cakes daringly decorate with colorful gravity-defying painted chocolate brushstrokes.

wedding trends 2020 | brushstroke wedding cake
wedding trends 2020 | cikebana wedding cake
2020 wedding food trends | flowerfetti wedding cake

Ikebana style wedding flowers have found their way to cake. Floral accents are hotter than ever and Ikebana arrangements - a Japanese style of flower arranging that explores the natural form and shape of flowers - create more of a wild and natural styled look, often leaving exposed stems and utilizing leaves and buds. An Ikebana-inspired design is perfect for the couple who are going for a “less-is-more” minimalist look.

Pressed and crystallized edible flowers will transform your wedding cake into a blooming objet d’art. Flowerfetti cakes are the new funfetti with flower petals scattered like confetti to create a beautiful, colorful, textural look. If you are looking to add an extra touch of romance, a cake that is garnished with edible flowers may be Mother Nature’s best confectionery masterpiece.


As couples continue to find new ways to put their unique imprint on their wedding day, they are going DIY when it comes to cocktail service. The personalization of cocktails gives guests the opportunity to create their own concoction. For example, at a Gin & Tonic bar, the bartender gives the guest a glass with ice and gin in it. Guests then go to a self-service station to build their own cocktail with an assortment of flavored tonic waters and accoutrements. Gin & Tonics are the DIY bar cocktail of choice because they are almost impossible to screw up!  A prosecco is another foolproof option that is great for daytime weddings.

Not only is the DIY bar a fun and social activity but it will also save money on the cost of a full bar! Self-serve beer and wine stations are also on the rise. Offer an assortment of local craft beers or wines from places you have visited. Serve from a portable trolley or a wall-mounted dispenser.

Think about other fun ways to incorporate booze in a new and different way. Perhaps serve a mini margarita with a mini taco as a passed appetizer. Can you think of a better way to have fun in the South Florida sun than with boozy popsicles, sno-cones or frosé?


While modern couples may be all about breaking the rules, one tradition that is hitting a high note right now is the return to one’s roots. Couples are celebrating their heritage in every which way, from donning the attire of their ancestors to the food and drink they serve to very personalized ceremonies.

Read more about how to incorporate cultural tradition into your wedding celebration - https://eggwhitescatering.com/blog/wedding-ideas-for-couples-from-different-countries/


At the top of the wedding trend list is the smaller, more intimate gathering. Cutting back on guests doesn’t mean cutting back on extravagance, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Couples are about creating more meaningful celebrations that lend themselves perfectly to bespoke soirees, which are remembered for personal touches throughout.


The millennial obsession with mystical elements, like crystals, sage and palo santo, have found their way into weddings. Energy clearing of wedding venues and honeymoon suites gives couples peace of mind that no negative vibes have been left behind. Energy clearing is also offered for engagement rings and wedding bands, to ‘reset’ the piece with high-vibrational energy and love. Make magical mysticism work for your unique couple style – perhaps create an herb bundle that has a similar aroma profile as the dinner entrée, give each guest a rose quartz crystal, the stone of love, as a favor or ask guests to pass around your wedding rings during your ceremony to imbue them with good energy and well wishes.

wedding trends 2020 | mystical elements | singing bowl
wedding trends 2020 | mystical elements | place setting with crystals
wedding trends 2020 | mystical elements | crystals


Stay tuned for Part 2 of our wedding trends series to learn about what is hot in 2020 wedding décor trends and 2020 wedding color trends! Do you want to learn more about current trends? Check out these blog posts!






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